History of establishment and development

Dai Chi Foods Company Limited (Daichifoods) was established in 2017 in Hoi An, Quang Nam. With the goal of introducing Hoi An specialties to domestic and international friends, Daichi began to research and launch the first product, Sesame Chili Sauce, according to the traditional recipe passed down from his grandparents.

In 2018, identifying the market’s trend of developing pure natural products and the strength of local tourism development, Daichi realized the development potential of the Sesame Chili Sauce product, which the research team studied. Research and apply technology to production to increase scale as well as ensure quality and promote market expansion.

In 2018, with active activities in the domestic and international markets through promotional programs held locally and in the provinces, Daichi sesame chili sauce has become more known to users. And that same year, Daichi also won a number of awards from Quang Nam province for his collective efforts.

Continuing the development momentum of 2018, in 2019 Daichifoods has the opportunity to reach more investors in building a startup community and the path becomes clearer when accessing new, more professional distribution channels. . . And in 2019, the company also upgraded its products from 3 stars to 4 OCOP stars and signed contracts to supply products to large supermarket chains in the southern region.

In 2020, due to the global situation, the company was forced to temporarily suspend operations.

In 2023, Daichifoods begins to rebuild and set new goals consistent with the current situation. Along with the comeback is the research into products of higher stature and more stringent technical requirements to not only meet the domestic but also international markets. Daichifoods searches and chooses to form supply chain links to ensure good quality control and high efficiency in operations.

The year 2024 opens a new page for a new journey, conquering goals and completing the original mission of introducing local culinary culture to all regions. 

The story of product

Originating as a sauce served with local dishes such as Chicken rice, Cao Lau, and Quang noodles. Hoi An chili sauce has gradually become a unique feature of the people of Hoi An town. With a traditional formula over 100 years old, Hoi An chili sauce has established its brand in the hearts of tourists as well as regions across Vietnam. When mentioning Hoi An chicken rice and Cao Lau, it must be accompanied by Hoi An chili sauce to bring out the characteristic flavor of the dish.

Daichi sesame chili sauce was born from the inheritance of local tradition. We have researched and improved the formula to bring a more complete feeling when using the product. In Daichi sesame chili sauce, you can feel the spiciness of chili, the rich taste of peanuts, the aroma of sesame seeds… blended together to create a special dipping sauce, spicy but not harsh, very unique to Daichi

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